• Family Law
    Family Law Family law covers divorce and child support, as well as custody, visitation, domestic partnerships, premarital and post marital agreements. We will assist you in your family law case.
  • Estate Planning
    Estate Planning We will help you with will, trusts, beneficiary designations, powers of appointment, property ownership, gift, and powers of attorney, specifically the durable financial power of attorney and the durable medical power of attorney.
  • Civil Litigation
    Civil Litigation We fight cases dealing with disputes between individuals or organizations in which compensation may be awarded to the victim. For instance, if you are a car crash victim claiming damages against the other driver for loss or injury sustained in an accident this is a civil litigation case in which we can help you.
  • Worker's Compensation
    Worker's Compensation We fight for employees who are injured at work.

About the Firm

Frank H Byers, II, has practiced law in Macon County Illinois since 1977. Frank started practice with his father in the firm Byers & Byers. The firm later became known as Byers, Byers & Greenleaf.

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  • Litigation Plaintiffs. Defendants.
  • Family Law Marriage. Paternity. Juvenile.
  • Estate Planning Trusts. Estates. Wills.

Your Legal Team


Frank H. Byers, II, was licensed as an attorney in Illinois in 1977. He was admitted to practice by the U. S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois in 1977, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in 1985 and the United States Supreme Court in 1986.

Yasmeen N. Baig was licensed as an attorney in 2012. Originally from Decatur, Illinois, Yasmeen attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, earning her Bachelors of Science Degree in Sociology. Yasmeen obtained her Juris Doctor Degree from Southern Illinois University School of Law.

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